A friend of mine once complained to me, “I work hard like anybody else, but why do I still have problems with money?” And another one said, “I had this amount last week, now I am penniless where did my money go? I certainly tried to hold on to it, but it is gone.” Still another said, “Why can’t I seem to start saving or save money? I’ve taken lessons about saving, but I still have nothing!” Sounds familiar? Of course, most of us are wondering about these “phenomena.” Maybe, you’re in the wrong business or the wrong job. Maybe you don’t spend wisely. Maybe you are just unlucky with money. Maybe God just meant you to be poor.

We can give so many reasons why we can’t handle our finances so well and increase them like some people. But why? There must be an underlying cause.

You know like when you are ill, you see the signs and feel the symptoms, you take a pain reliever or an antipyretic, but you still don’t get better. Sometimes it is because there really is a disease that needs to be treated, and other times it is all in the mind. Or what the doctors termed psychogenic.

So maybe you need to examine your psyche to find out if it is really conducive to the growth of wealth and abundance or you might just have an unconscious fear of them. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? But Carmellita Brown, a wellness and success coach believes this fear exists, and explains why.

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This post does not only contain the original text of the Desiderata. It also includes an original interpretation of the Desiderata in a manifesting perspective.


Desiderata means “the things you desire”

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Meditate. Take some time to block away the constant chatter in your mind. There are always thoughts passing through it about so many things at the same time. These are haphazard thoughts and will cause needless worries and the inability to concentrate. Relax, release your worries even for just 30 minutes and think about one single positive thought. If you can, maintain silence “in” there. You will find it refreshing. You will feel renewed and revitalized. There is nothing to compare with the feelings of finding solace within your mind. There is perfection in there. Everything is as you wish them to and as you will them to be.

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Learn how to “throw away” negative energies and cleanse your mind, body and spirit, bringing you back into healing balance. Clean out the “filing cabinets” in your mind.

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10 years ago I experienced a very challenging period in my life. It was a very difficult time but it was then that I had the opportunity to discover the power of my being. It was a period of searching for meanings & finding answers to questions. I also had the opportunity to evaluate my relationship with God. From that time on that relationship took a different direction, but towards a better one.

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The Law of Attraction is a powerful source of energy committed to you if you know how to use it properly. You may use it to build relationships, build your business, attract customers, achieve your dreams, gain personal wealth by helping others, lose weight and the list goes on.In order to really harness this energy it is best to cleanse your current state of mind and get rid of any and all the CHATTER going on in your brain. I would suggest a Mental Cleanse of the sort for 30 days which would consist of:

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People have always perceived money, wealth, abundance or prosperity to be scarce. By default, we have come to accept that and live like that in our everyday reality. We have been raised with our parents arguing about money or the lack of resources, we had to scrimp because there is little money, and we have heard a great deal about what the “want” of money can lead people to do.

It is exactly that “want” that leaves people wanting for more. The Law of Attraction or manifesting principle states that “you attract the things that your mind or thoughts focused on”. By this law, your “wanting” of money or abundance makes you want it more, but you are not attracting or creating it at all. All you will succeed in “wanting” is creating more of the same feeling.

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Larry King, Ellen Degeneres, and now Oprah have gotten turned onto the Secret that’s not such a secret any more. Now everyone’s excited to hear about this Universal principle that says we can have, be and do whatever we want by simply changing our thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction tells us that since like attracts like all we have to do to get what we want is align vibrationally, by expressing gratitude and focusing on what we want versus what we don’t want. Sounds great – but how do you start?

There are lots of ways to make this simple practice of deliberate creation difficult, but that defeats the purpose of what the Law of Attraction makes possible. Instead of doing life the hard way, knowledge of this principle allows you to make your dreams come true without selling your soul or breaking your back.

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Within the last year millions of people world-wide have been introduced to the universal law of attraction. For the benefit of those determined to employ this law to attract their own personal success it is imperative that we clearly understand what activates this amazing power.

The following five principles will give you mastery over the law of attraction.

1)Vibrations: Quantum physics tells us that in it’s true essence, everything is energy. What appears to us to be a solid object is nothing more than energy pulsating or vibrating at a certain rate that creates the appearance we recognize as solid. This is easily proved by viewing solid objects under a strong enough microscope. The only difference between objects then is only in the frequency in which they pulsate or vibrate.

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